Many of you reading this page will have heard of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

“We can broadly define CBT as a combination of cognitive and behavioural therapeutic approaches used to help clients modify limiting, maladaptive thoughts and behaviours, ones that are often inconsistent with consensual reality” (Beck, Rush, Shaw, & Emery, 1979)

However, Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy (Hypno-CBT or CBH), is a branch of hypnotherapy (not CBT) which employs cognitive concepts, e.g., understanding how thoughts affect your feelings and actions, and that negative automatic thoughts are a type of automatic and unintended negative self-hypnosis. So it is using hypnosis within a cognitive behavioural framework.

CBH is a goal-orientated therapy – goals that we set together and focus on working towards.

In CBH, you’ll be shown how negative self-hypnosis and self-defeating thoughts and images can be changed through positive self-hypnosis, putting you back in control.

The use of cognitive behavioural approaches is proven to increase the number of clients for whom hypnotherapy can be effective and, research shows, is more effective than just CBT alone.*

Studies show that clients receiving hypnotherapy combined with CBT showed a greater improvement than 70-90% of clients receiving CBT alone.*

Hypnosis adds leverage to treatment and shortens the amount of sessions a person will need. During our session you’ll learn how to easily get into a relaxed state and self hypnosis is taught and can be easily practiced at home meaning the end goal is that you become your own therapist!

Client motivation is key as this will contribute to your success and a strong motivational element is included during all hypnosis sessions so you will feel ready, eager and excited to move on.

Hypnosis can produce rapid results, but it isn’t magic. It requires the person to put in effort and dedication by doing things like practicing self hypnosis in between sessions or keeping a thought diary, as examples. We will work as a team.

You’ll start to feel the benefits after even just the first session and generally, not many sessions are needed overall to get the results you want.

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