Our thoughts have such incredible power from influencing what we do, how we feel and how we go about our lives interacting with others. Sometimes they are useful, but unfortunately we often carry with us negative or distorted thoughts and thinking patterns. This can lead us to feeling low, depressed and wanting to isolate or hide away – making our world shrink down instead of magnificently expanding as it should!

Thoughts feelings and behaviours are all linked. If a person thinks an upsetting thought they will of course feel upset – and are then likely to do something that will increase the upsetting thought, therefore strengthening the feelings.  A vicious cycle as outlined below.


We can break this vicious cycle by changing the way we think and act.

During a CBH session we will go through exercises and questions to show you the links between what you do, think and feel. Once you can see this negative cycle for what it is we can then find the thinking errors behind these unhelpful links, helping you to learn to change the way you think – which will positively affect what you do and how you feel. 

CBH doesn’t spend session after session raking over the past – it focuses on the now. What is affecting you negatively now, what are your thinking errors, the issues you present with today?

Here are a couple of examples of a ‘thinking error’:

You’re at work and you see two colleagues standing by the photocopier talking quietly together. They happen to look over at you. You can interpret this as:

  • They are talking about you negatively as no one likes you (which may lead you to feel depressed and/or angry).
  • They want to call you over to join in with their chat which you don’t want to do as you’re worried you won’t know what to say to them (anxiety).

A healthier response might be to consider that they are just two colleagues having a chat and they happened to glance over at you – and so you just continue on your way not giving it another thought.

Another example – someone who is feeling low or depressed may wake up and their first thought is ‘I know this is going to be another rubbish day! I’m going to mess up at work again, no one will talk to me at lunch because none of them like me. What’s the point of even trying.’ This thinking will of course make the person feel even more depressed and they may take the action of calling in sick, which in turn will likely increase their negative thoughts and their feelings of depression. This then could then mean they may not even bother to get out of bed at all, or do anything positive that day, maintaining a vicious cycle as shown in the image above.

Once you have an understanding of this vicious cycle we look at how to replace the unhelpful patterns with new more positive ways of thinking, feeling and behaving. These exciting new ways are then deeply embedded using the powerful tool of hypnosis, motivating you to take positive steps forward and improve your mental wellbeing.

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