Can you imagine looking forward to exercising? Whether that be going to the gym regularly, walking more or attending fitness classes. Not just because you feel you really should be doing it, but because you actually want to do it! You look forward to it and just see it as part of your daily routine. It’s just something you do.

Everyone knows that exercise benefits our physical health, boosts our immune system and helps us to stay strong and mobile both now and as we get older.  Exercise also hugely benefits our mental health as it releases ‘feel good’ hormones, making us feel good even after we’ve finished our work out or walk – and meaning it’s quite easy to get great enjoyment from exercising.

So yes, we already know about all of these benefits, yet the hardest part of exercising is just making a start on it – whether it’s your first, second or hundredth start – it doesn’t matter. And of course once you’ve begun and taken that first step, you then need to maintain your motivation so that whatever the weather, whatever day you’ve had and whatever mood you are in – this does not affect your desire to enjoy exercise.

 CBH for motivation and fitness

Using cognitive behavioural techniques, together we will identify what negative thoughts, thinking patterns and feelings are holding you back from either getting going with or maintaining an exercise regime. You will replace your old habits with more helpful ways of thinking and behaving, helping you to identify new thought patterns and positive self-talk so you can create achievable SMART exercise and fitness goals that you can easily work towards so you literally see, track and feel your progress.

After this, we’ll introduce the powerful tool of hypnosis so you get to feel how it will be when you achieve your fitness goals. During hypnosis you will vividly see yourself exercising in the way you want to, feeling motivated, looking forward to it, seeing and feeling the results you want. We’ll also introduce a very powerful Future You hypnosis script.

Hypnosis for motivation works by simply focusing on what you want and using feelings of success to incentivise you to get there – and stay there! We will also focus on defining other related goals, whatever they may be for you, for example wanting to feel strong, leading a long and healthy life and feeling full of energy, and so on. These deeper goals will help you to remain motivated far more than a loose goal such as ‘I want to get fit’ or ‘I want to lose weight’.

Your motivation will skyrocket – and not just for a few weeks or months, before petering out – provided you spend a little time doing the quick, simple and pleasurable mindset work it will last for life time because you are literally reprogramming your mind with new, helpful ways of thinking and feeling about exercise and motivation. Exercise is no longer seen as a chore.

To recap:

  • We will unpick and replace your negative old ways of viewing exercise with positive, believable, new ways of thinking and feeling about it.
  • You will use the powerful tool of hypnosis to:
  1. ‘Teach’ yourself to want to exercise, creating a strong desire to succeed this time, to reach your goals – and be consistent with it.
  2. End procrastination and fears of failing in your goals
  3. Picture your new self now, next week, next year and in 20, 30, 40 years time – and conversely how these time frames will look if you choose not to take any action.
  4. Know that whatever set backs you may have such as stress at work or home will not affect your desire to want to continue with your exercise goals.
  5. Learn self hypnosis so you become your own motivational fitness therapist
  6. Adopt a ‘never give up’ mindset – for life – by changing your mental habits.

So it’s clear to see that adding the powerful tool of cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy to your exercise routine will help you to change your entire mindset, resetting your thoughts and behaviours around how you view exercise and empowering yourself to have the healthier lifestyle you are wanting to achieve.

The goal of hypnosis for motivation is not only to help you achieve your fitness goals but to stick with them with a new found motivational mindset, as well as helping with self-esteem and confidence levels – and how wonderful will this powerful mindset be as it spreads into other areas of your life too?

I can work with you alone or alongside your personal trainer if relevant. Always consult your GP before embarking on any new weight loss or exercise regime.

Ready to (literally!) take action?

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