Do you look at every pregnant woman and wonder if they are as terrified as you about giving birth? Or when you see a mother with a newborn think how lucky she is that she’s done it, and the birth is over? Maybe you think every pregnant woman looks relaxed and you’re wondering ‘why do you not look how I feel – terrified!’.

Or perhaps the birth is not worrying you, but other things are. Pregnancy or antenatal anxiety is hard to deal with, at a time when you should be feeling happy and excited. There can be a such a mixture of emotions….

  • Joy at finally getting pregnant!
  • Anxiety around the birth
  • Worry about coping after the birth

….and hundreds of other variations!

Quite often, a fair amount of anxiety around birth can be significantly reduced by getting informed about the physiology of birth and all of your options and choices.  Attending an excellent, evidence based antenatal and hypnobirthing course will give you the support and knowledge so needed when you are expecting. Our sister site offers a wealth of course options to meet all budgets so do have a visit and get booked onto a course or get access the new digital course which has incredible value!

Or maybe you already feel pretty well informed about birth but your situation has changed now which has thrown you off kilter?
Perhaps you would like a little extra, more targeted support – something to support you in your very unique position with all your unique thoughts and concerns?

We can support you with targeted, personalised hypnotherapy to help you to feel as relaxed as you can around whatever concerns you wish to address, such as preparing for:

  • Caesarean birth
  • Induction of Labour
  • An unexpected change of plans


  • Personalised support addressing your specific needs – however they look

As well as utilising the powerful effects of hypnotherapy to calm and mentally prepare you for your baby’s birth, you can also add in the power of reflexology for total body and mind relaxation.

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