It’s totally normal to feel anxious about returning to work following maternity leave or any other break from work, whether the break was a few months or many years.

You get childcare sorted, schedules coordinated with any back up childcare or partners, clothes ready, keeping in touch days all done – but perhaps you still don’t feel ready and the mixed emotions around returning to work are real!

Some women don’t want to return to work but have to, others are looking forward to returning – both sides can feel anxious after time away, this is totally usual, but you can help yourself to transition mentally.

As maternity leave comes to an end, or your little ones aren’t so little any more and you prepare to return to work, it’s normal to feel doubtful about how you’re going to cope with either your old job or getting back into the job market – along with managing a busy family life. Feeling anxious about this can encroach on your enjoyment of those last weeks before your new chapter begins – but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Below are an example of some of the feelings that come up time and time again:

  • How will I cope with leaving my baby with someone else?
  • How will I cope with the broken nights?
  • I’m doubtful about coping with my old job plus family life
  • My confidence is shot to pieces, I’m dreading walking back into the workplace!
  • I feel guilty about going back to work, even though I’m looking forward to it
  • I feel guilt around the relief I’m feeling at getting a bit of my old life back

Together we can explore your concerns, use powerful, proven hypnosis techniques to work through any confidence issues you may have, using hypnotherapy to get you feeling good, excited, relaxed and as ready to return to work as you can be.

Hypnotherapy can be coupled with the incredibly relaxing therapy reflexology to fully relax both your body and your mind leaving you feeling excited about your new chapter in life.



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